Can You Trust Acai Free Trial Offers?

Everyone has seen the offer of free trials. These offers claim to supply consumers with a month’s free supply of a product. The deal often seems too good to be true and most of the time it is. Despite the constant reminder that consumers should avoid free trials of Acai Berry and to always read the fine print, countless people are still getting charged for products they don’t order.

Consider a specific case. The case of Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc. They advertised with free trials of Acai Berry and other health products. However, once individuals signed up for these free trials they found it was nearly impossible to cancel due to the restrictions. Rather they were charged for months for a product they didn’t want.

The case against CCN was started when hundreds of disgruntled customers contacted the office of Attorney General Terry Goddard. The company was accused of shipping and falsely charging consumers for products that had been deselected during the ordering process.

During the course of the case it was found that CCN hid references to their re-billing and bonus products within the small print of the policy, making it impossible for consumers to find the catch behind the free trial offer. However, this was made worse by the way CCN handled complaints. They never responded to customer emails and left customers who complained on hold for over an hour. This showed a blatant disregard for their customers and proved they were trying to mislead their customers with free trials.

This is just one case in hundreds that have resulted from free trials. Numerous brands such as Hoodia, Acai Berry and fat binders have all included free trial offers that are designed to dupe consumers out of their hard earned money. Despite this, free or reduce trials have been around for years. This doesn’t mean that free trials are wrong, if there is clear documentation of the re-billing system then the free trial approach can be legal and correct. The only issue with these free trials is when a business seeks to mislead consumers and doesn’t tell them about the consequences of the order or cause problems when consumers try to cancel the order.

At the end of the CCN case, $350,000 was won and distributed to the consumers. If you have experienced a scam before then the CCN case is prove that you can seek amends. In addition to contacting companies directly you can also complain online in as in the case of the following story:

The use of the complaints board allowed Anna to start an official complaint against Acai Berry Detox’s false advertising and gain compensation. If you want to make a complaint against an Acai Berry product or any other health related product then you need to visit and post your issue.

It is important to remember that the CCN case had nothing to do with the Acai Berry and that you shouldn’t pass over the weight loss benefits you can get from it. There are hundreds of Acai Berry products online, like Pure Acai Berry Max, who don’t use free trials and rather offer you quality Acai Berry products. Pure Acai Berry Max is made from 100% pure and unaltered fruit. While it may not be the cheapest Acai Berry product on the market as a cost of 34.12 pounds, this cost guarantees you are getting an Acai Berry product with the following benefits:

  • Highest possible grading
  • 100% pure product with no extracts
  • A potent product with 1500mg Acai Berry per serving
  • A product that is produced in CGMP facilities and is quality assured
  • The high ORAC rating guarantees powerful antioxidant support
  • Through appetite suppression and metabolic increase offers immediate weight loss results
  • It can help prevent Alzheimer’s, diabetes and heart disease.

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