Apidexin diet pill review

Apidexin makes big claims and says it can help people to lose between 4 and 7 pounds in weight in the course of a week. This all natural product says that it does this by increasing energy levels, the metabolism, and helps the body to use up any fat that is eaten.

How it works

As said previously, the user has to eat fat so that the pill can work. However, since any dietician will recommend less fat in a diet, it is hard to see how this can help the individual who is desperate to lose weight.

Possible side effects

People taking this pill have reported feeling nervousness and hyperactivity which seems to be the increase in energy that it claims to give. This is a strong pill so people will certainly feel the effects more, particularly those who are at all sensitive to stimulants.

It is the spike in blood pressure and a rapid heart beat that is particularly dangerous and this, coupled with the inability to get a good night’s sleep, which makes it a little dangerous to take.


Losing up to 7 pounds a week sounds like heaven to some dieters but this is really not a healthy thing to do even if it were possible. There is also a problem with it in that it does not retrain the person to eat a healthy diet. This will lead to the weight going right back on once the pills are stopped because the person will be used to eating fat, not going without it.

Therefore, those on the lookout for a safe diet pill should look for one that is not as strong as this one and one where a healthy diet and exercise plan is recommended too. This retrains the appetite which is healthier in the long run. Not recommended at all.

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