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After reviewing many diet pills on the market, we came up with what we think are the best diet pills on the weight loss market. We put them into 3 separate categories:


Phen375 is the best legal substitute for the all famous Phentermine. The only difference is that Phen375 won’t give you any side effects. This product is made in an FDA regulated lab and it is using fully synthetic ingredients to maximize the fat burning effects.

Phen375 is available to buy without prescription, so if you don’t qualify for prescription weight loss pills and you want a strong fat burner, then you should take closer look into this supplement. As a matter of fact, this is the only fat burner that we recommend on this site. The company behind this product certainly know what they’re doing. You also get a 45 days money back guarantee with every purchase.

  • Name: Phen375
  • Requires prescription: No
  • Average weight loss: 2-5 lbs per week
  • Type: Fat burner
  • Ingredients: Fully synthetic

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Proactol Plus

Proactol belongs to a group of supplement called fat binders. Proactol works by binding to a part of your fat intake, making it too large to be absorbed by your body. That way, Proactol can bind and prevent from being digested up to 28% of your dietary fat intake.

It has 6 published clinical studies and has received approvals from many doctors around the world, including the all famous Dr Joerg Gruenwald. Proactol is good if you want to continue eating high fat meals and still lose certain amount of weight. There haven’t been any reported side effects so far. Proactol is pretty safe diet pill; you also get a full 6 months money back guarantee on every purchase.

  • Name: Proactol Plus
  • Requires prescription: No
  • Average weight loss: 6-16 lbs per month
  • Type: Fat binder
  • Ingredients: NeOpuntia

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Nuratrim was named the biggest surprise for New Year 2012 by many review websites on the Internet. This diet pill appeared on the market at the end of 2011 and from the beginning it attracted a lot of attention from the dieters’ crowd.

What sets apart Nuratrim from other diet pills on the market is that it contains 4 clinically proven ingredients combined together: Licorice, Green coffee extract, Capsicum and Glucomannan. All these ingredients work together in order to make you consume less food, burn fat, while at the same time providing you with good digestive system.

  • Name: Nuratrim
  • Requires prescription: No
  • Average weight loss: Up to 4 lbs/week
  • Type: Fat burner
  • Ingredients: Glucomannan, Green coffee, Capsicum, Licorice

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