Bontril slimming pill review

Bontril (main ingredient Phendimetrazine) is only available on prescription and, for this reason, it is recommended to be used only for a limited period. It cuts down on appetite while stimulating the metabolism, so this is a double edged approach to getting unwanted weight to disappear.

It is recommended that users take the pills in tandem with a good diet and exercise routine and clinical trials proved it works. However, test subjects only lost one more pound than those on a healthy diet alone.

How does Bontril work?

Bontril works by directly stimulating your central nervous system and artificially suppresses your appetite, while at the same time giving you some other (rather negative) effects.

The effects of this pill have been compared to amphetamine so it is certainly not suitable for all dieters. This is why doctors will recommend it, or not, as the case may be and only to those who are healthy enough to tolerate it.

Bontril side effects

Obviously any drug that stimulates central nervous system can cause shakiness, lack of sleep, nervousness and, in extreme cases, insomnia. This is because caffeine is used to boost the energy levels. The problem comes when energy levels do not dip at night when the body needs to rest.

Other side effects of Bontril have included blurry vision, flushing of the face, too much activity, a feeling of dizziness, headaches, an increase or decrease in libido, dry mouth and several other symptoms that could be quite unpleasant particularly if all felt at the same time.

Those with a tendency towards high blood pressure anyway are certainly not recommended to take this drug as it could be extremely dangerous for them. Certain medications also interact with this pill too so check carefully with the doctor before taking Bontril.


Bontril is really serious drug and can be habit-forming. Therefore this diet pill is not recommended at all. The side effects are so dangerous that even those who are desperate to lose weight should think twice. There are other pills on the market that work just as well, but which are less dangerous.

Bontril alternatives

We spent a lot of time reviewing hundreds of diet pills on the market, trying to separate wheat from the chaff, so to speak. That’s why we came up with only a few that are safe to be recommended for long term use.

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