Capsiplex diet pill review

Where to buy Capsiplex USA?

Capsiplex is fat burning diet pill that appeared in 2010. When it appeared it made quite an impact on the weight loss market in the UK, which was followed by the worldwide success of this pill.

Today Capsiplex has built a reputation of an excellent weight loss aid with thousands of satisfied users behind it.

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Main ingredients of Capsiplex

Whenever you are looking for a diet pill, the first thing you want to do is look for ingredient list. This is rather important because you don’t want to be putting in your body ingredients that can be harmful to your health.

Large number of diet pills out there is placebo pills containing ingredients that are not effective at all.

Those pills are advertised as they are something special, when in reality they are nothing to be excited about, containing no useful ingredients.

Ingredients found inside Capsiplex are:

Capsicum (red pepper extract) is the main ingredient inside Capsiplex. This extract contains Capsaicin compound, which was proven to increase your metabolism and helps burn fat faster. Red peppers are known to slightly increase your body’s heat production, which in turn may speed up your metabolism and burn off more calories for you.

Caffeine is a stimulant with appetite suppressing properties. In small doses caffeine can help in achieving thermogenesis, process where your body is capable of burning more calories even while you’re resting.

Niacin can inhibit production of fatty cells inside your body. It plays a major role in freeing up the energy from proteins, fats and carbs in order to use all of them in the best possible way. This ingredient may also be useful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

What can Capsiplex do for me?

The main benefit that manufacturers point out is that Capsiplex can burn up to 278 additional calories for you.

Now someone might think: if red peppers are so beneficial for weight loss, then why take Capsiplex pill in the first place? I could be eating a bunch of red peppers every day and lose weight, no?

While that is certainly true, in order to lose weight that way you will have to eat about 10 grams of red peppers every single day for weeks just to see small weight loss results. In other words pretty much impossible for most people.

If you are wondering what 278 calories actually mean, then here’s a list of things that are equivalent to 278 calories:

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes walking with moderate speed
  • 25 minutes of easy jogging
  • 1 hamburger
  • 1 slice of cheese pizza
  • 2 chocolate cookies

Don’t forget this: consuming additional 278 calories per day will make you gain about 24 lbs per year!

How to take Capsiplex?

It might sound silly to take a tablet that has red pepper extract in it, but Capsiplex manufacturers created pills that have special outer coating around them, so that you won’t feel any irritation of the stomach when you take Capsiplex tablet. These pills won’t cause uneasiness or any other side effect.

Take 1 pill per day. If you are exercising, then take Capsiplex pill about 30 to 60 minutes before your exercise. Increased physical activity and exercise are not necessary for Capsiplex to be effective but they will certainly give you weight loss results much faster than usual.

Capsiplex in media

When it appeared, Capsiplex pretty soon appeared in many newspapers and magazines in the UK, for example: Daily Star, Mail, Express, Daily Mirror etc.

How much weight can I lose with Capsiplex?

Official statement is that if you are taking Capsiplex as instructed, you can expect to lose anywhere between 3.3 lbs and 4 lbs in the first week of taking it.

It will not be required to drastically change your eating habits with Capsiplex because while burning fat, it will also suppress your appetite, which will make you eat less and less food as time goes by.

Where to buy Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is sold only via the official website online and in no other way. This means that you can’t find Capsiplex in stores or pharmacies.

Also we advise you NOT to buy Capsiplex from sites such as eBay, Amazon, GNC and similar. You risk not getting the real product or not getting the full money back guarantee if you buy Capsiplex from third party sites. 1 month supply costs £29.99 (around $48).

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