Does Appesat work?

Appesat appetite suppressant review

Appesat has been on the market for several years now – it’s a diet pill that you can buy online as well as in high street stores in UK.

It’s a non-prescription diet pill that includes “Bioginate Complex”, a patented fibre complex derived from seaweed species Laminaria Digitata that grows on the French coast.

Who can use Appesat?

Appesat is suitable for children and adults 12 years and over. It is mainly targeted towards those people who have lots of food cravings, who are eating more than necessary and feel that they need to lower their portion sizes as well as suppress the appetite.

How does Appesat work?

Appesat works by stimulating the hunger sensors inside your intestines, sending signals to your brain that you are already full and don’t want to snack or overeat. This feeling of fullness is also called satiety. Main ingredient inside Appesat has the ability to resist stomach acids and remain active inside your stomach for hours and hours.

Does Appesat cause side effects?

Opinions about Appesat are half good, half bad. We have seen both positive and negative comments from users.

Where to buy it?

Many web sites sell Appesat, for example on you can buy it for around £30 (50 tablets pack). You can also buy it in high street stores as well.

Conclusion about Appesat

Overall Appesat is pretty straightforward dietary supplement with safe mechanism of action and no side effects to be expected. However, we have to be honest here – there are some negative comments about Appesat, therefore our recommendation stands neutral here.

Appesat alternatives

Proactol Plus – Clinically proven and 100% natural fat binder with several doctors and medical persons endorsing it. Proactol is made from dehydrated leaves of the nutritious cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica.

It works by binding to certain part of the fat that you eat, making it too large to be absorbed by your body. That fat will then be eliminated naturally via bowel movements.

Read more about Proactol here

Nuratrim combines 4 different ingredients in order to combat high caloric intake and slow metabolism of people that lead sedentary lifestyles, who are not active very much.

The ingredients contained are: Green coffee extract, Capsicum, Glucomannan and Licorice extract. Nuratrim appeared at the end of 2011 and it made quite an impact on the weight loss market.

Read about Nuratrim here

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