How did we test diet pills?

Weight loss market is huge. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different weight loss products. How can a person go through all of them and make an educated choice? It’s basically impossible.

There’s a lot of junk out there, so to speak. Many diet pills on the market are fraudulent, containing dangerous ingredients and not delivering on the promises they make. Diet pills industry is one of the biggest industries with lots of manufacturers.

All those diet pill companies are in business in order to make money, so they will do almost anything to sell their products. Not to mention the “free trial scam” offers that flooded the Internet several years ago (we will never recommend you free trial offer, just to be clear).

That’s why it is important to gather as much information as you can about a certain product before you start taking that product. When your health is involved, you don’t want to have any risks. And let’s face it – there are some high risk weight loss products out there.

We tried to gather as much data as possible about many weight loss products out there. We went through hundreds of diet pills and took a closer look into each one of those pills. Here we will explain what factors we took into consideration when recommending diet pills on our website:

  • Manufacturers – We didn’t want any newcomers. We aimed at manufacturers who were at least 3 years present on the market.
  • Ingredients quality – We aimed for totally natural ingredients. If a diet pill had synthetic ingredients, we didn’t automatically reject it. Instead, we contacted manufacturers for more data about its safety record. Natural doesn’t always mean safe and synthetic doesn’t always mean dangerous.
  • Side effects – We aimed at diet pills that had no dangerous side effects. Safety is our primary concern when recommending weight loss products.
  • Cost of product – Keep in mind that good quality has good price. We rejected all diet pills that were priced $20 or less for 1-month package. Seriously, if a diet pills are that cheap, that means that something is not right there. However, we still tried to find effective diet pills that were affordable (in the range of $40 – $60 for 1-month package).
  • Customer testimonials – These are very important. We looked at the official site of a diet pill and looked at photo and video testimonials. We also went to online forums and discussion boards and asked people if they had tried a certain product.
  • Customer support – Each manufacturer was asked to send us a sample of their product. Some accepted while some rejected the offer. After we received the product, we asked manufacturers several questions over the phone and also using email. We rated their customer service according to their answers.
  • Cash back guarantee – Ideally we wanted to find product with 6 months money back guarantee. We found some products offering that money back guarantee, while others offered shorter money back guarantee. We accepted if a diet pill was safe and effective but offered shorter money back guarantee.
  • Scientific & medical approval – Whenever we saw certifications about the efficacy of a diet pill shown on the official website, we considered that a big plus. Also medical endorsements from doctors around the world have been taken into consideration (if present).
  • Rate of reorders – We specifically asked manufacturers to tell us their products’ reorder rates. If a product is effective, it usually has higher than normal reorder rate. Products with higher reorder rates had advantage over other products.

The choice is yours

There you have – all the factors that we took into consideration when choosing the best diet pills.

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