Hydroxycut Hardcore diet pill review

May 2009: FDA advised all dieters and bodybuilders to immediately stop using any Hydroxycut supplements because of the high risks to their health.

Hydroxycut Hardcore
is non-prescription diet pill in the form of “liquitech” capsules. It is specially designed to help you burn excess body fat and help you lose weight using a blend of ingredients.

We are always skeptical about any supplement that has “Hardcore” suffix added to the name. It always looks like manufacturers are trying to make consumers believe that their supplement is stronger than any other diet pill on the market.

You can buy Hydroxycut Hardcore diet pill in many offline stores as well as online retail health websites. This weight loss supplement is especially popular among bodybuilders.

Hydroxycut Hardcore ingredients

  • Adenoclene – Stimulant made from Yerba Mate and Guarana
  • Lipidrol – Stimulant, caffeine based substance.
  • Norepididrive – Contains Damiana which is used as aphrodisiac
  • Capsicore – Contains Cayenne, known for its stimulating properties

As you can see, there are mostly stimulant ingredients inside Hydroxycut Hardcore, which always raises a red flag. Too much stimulants can’t be good for you.

Hydroxycut Hardcore side effects

As you can imagine, all the possible side effects are there because of too many stimulants inside this diet pill. Here are the reported side effects: difficulty concentrating, problems with breathing, increased bowel movements, nausea, fast heart rate, too much sweating, headaches, anxiety, loss of appetite, changes in stool color.

Who should NOT use Hydroxycut Hardcore?

It is obvious that this supplement shouldn’t be used by those people who are too sensitive to stimulants, because they are guaranteed to experience any of the above mentioned side effects.

Does Hydroxycut Hardcore work?

A lot of users have complained to they did not achieve the desired weight loss results and they actually had minimal or no weight loss at all. This makes us wonder if this product really works or not.

Is it recommended?

It’s very difficult for us to recommend this product to you. In our opinion Hydroxycut Hardcore is a mediocre diet pill with possible side effects (which will appear anyways if you’re sensitive to stimulants). Therefore we recommend you to avoid this diet pill.

What do we suggest?

Diet pills with no side effects that are actually effective – that is what we suggest. To explore this even further, take a look at our top recommended diet pills and take it from there.

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