Leptoprin review

Anyone who has been looking at weight loss supplements will probably have come across the name Leptoprin and also Leptopril.

Many will get the two products mixed up but in fact they are the same product. Leptropril is actually the generic of the original pill but it does not contain the stimulant that the original did.


The ingredient list for this product is quite long and some of them are listed here:

- Green tea and green coffee bean extract
- Ma huang extract
- Caffeine
- Cayenne

These particular ingredients have been chosen because they are the ones that bring most of the problems. As we all know, caffeine is a stimulant and this product has more than enough of it. Green tea and green coffee bean extract have enough caffeine already so it is hard to see why more caffeine is necessary on top.

This will do nothing to aid weight loss but it will make the dieter jittery and nervous. Lack of sleep is another side effect that some people find exceedingly uncomfortable so think twice before taking this supplement.

Ma huang does have appetite curbing properties which in turn helps the user to lose weight. However, the Food and Drug Administration has suggested that some people could be prone to strokes or heart attacks if they take this supplement. This, along with the irregular heartbeat experienced could lead to sudden death.


Leptoprin is definitely not for the casual dieter and should only be used for those who need to lose in excess of twenty pounds of weight. Indeed, it is recommended that anyone with a BMI of 27 or more should use it. The exception price of more than one hundred and fifty dollars for one month’s supply is also enough to dissuade interested parties. There are cheaper and safer pills on the market for sure.

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