Apidexin diet pill review

Apidexin makes big claims and says it can help people to lose between 4 and 7 pounds in weight in the course of a week. This all natural product says that it does this by increasing energy levels, the metabolism, and helps the body to use up any fat that is eaten.

Turboslim Chronoactiv review

What is Turboslim Chronoactiv?

Yet another diet pill on the market that can be purchased in high street stores like Boots etc.

This diet pill is manufactured by Forte Pharma Laboratories and the basic idea is that it will work with natural rhythm of your body in order to help you shed pounds.

Amanda Hamilton program review

“No gimmicks. No pills. No shakes.”

While we do review various pills and supplements, we’re also on the lookout for non-pill weight loss programs because we know that not everybody likes taking pills.

One such non-pill programme that caught our attention lately is Amanda Hamilton weight loss program.

Phenocal UK reviews

This is one of those pills that claims to do it all for dieters who are desperate to drop some pounds.

It burns fat, boosts the digestive system so that food passes through quicker, increases energy and stops the appetite all at the same time. With the ingredients as they are, it is hard to say that this mixture will not work for sure.

Bontril slimming pill review

Bontril (main ingredient Phendimetrazine) is only available on prescription and, for this reason, it is recommended to be used only for a limited period. It cuts down on appetite while stimulating the metabolism, so this is a double edged approach to getting unwanted weight to disappear.

Duromine review

Duromine is brand name for the slow-release version of the Phentermine drug. It can only be taken on the advice of a doctor so a prescription is necessary.

The side effects are quite serious. Only those people with severe problems concerning obesity are considered for this kind of class 4 drug product.

Quicktrim UK review

Quicktrim was a group of 4 different weight loss and cleansing products (ranging from pills to powdered drink mixes) that were created and endorsed by the famous Kardashian sisters.

Does Appesat work?

Appesat appetite suppressant review

Appesat has been on the market for several years now – it’s a diet pill that you can buy online as well as in high street stores in UK.

It’s a non-prescription diet pill that includes “Bioginate Complex”, a patented fibre complex derived from seaweed species Laminaria Digitata that grows on the French coast.

Nuratrim slimming pills reviewed

Nuratrim slimming pill is the one of the latest diet pills to appear on the UK market and currently it’s being sold only via the official website.

This diet pill (that you don’t need a prescription for) is a combination of four scientifically proven and very effective ingredients.