Phenocal UK reviews

This is one of those pills that claims to do it all for dieters who are desperate to drop some pounds.

It burns fat, boosts the digestive system so that food passes through quicker, increases energy and stops the appetite all at the same time. With the ingredients as they are, it is hard to say that this mixture will not work for sure.

Phen375 has got to be the best alternative to Phenocal diet pill.

This pharmacy grade fat burner contains 100% synthetic ingredients that when combined together can help users lose 3-4 lbs per week easily.

Also known as the best legal alternative to Phentermine, Phen375 can be purchased online and without prescription.

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Phenocal ingredients

Some of the ingredients are:

- Green tea
- Yerba Mate
- Glucomannan
- Cocoa extract
- Coleus Forskohlii
- 7-ketoDHEA
- 5-HTP
- Hoodia

One of these ingredients, Hoodia, is not actually listed in the ingredients on the packet. Hoodia is known to help people shed excess weight and any manufacturer that uses it must have a certificate which this product does not have. Therefore, one wonders how they can claim this ingredient, even though they don’t list it. It perhaps is a marketing ploy just to get people interested in buying the product.

Side Effects

- Too much energy and then too little
- Nausea and vomiting
- Headaches
- Insomnia
- Shakiness or nervous feelings

The user will certainly get a burst of energy when taking this pill, but this is usually followed by a very steep decline into tiredness. This side effect alone is usually enough to put people off the product.

Conclusion about Phenocal

This pill will undoubtedly give bursts of energy to make the user get into a keep fit routine which should see some weight loss. However, it is an expensive product which does not actually guarantee a regular weight loss every week.

The amounts of the ingredients within these pills are so small that it is probably not possible for it to work to any degree. Therefore, it is recommended that something more economical, and something with proven results, be used instead.

Other products to consider

Proactol Plus is definitely a diet pill to take a closer look into. This fat binder is capable of stopping about 1/4 of the fats that you eat and preventing your body from digesting those fats.

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