SlendeSlim weight loss pill review

Manufacturers of SlendeSlim claim that they have created “the strongest fat burner in the world” using fast working and scientifically proven ingredients.

They also guarantee that with their product you can eat 25% less food, lose 4-7lbs per week and decrease your waist size by 16%. This is rather a bold statement, especially the part where it says that you can lose up to 7lbs per week. Some diet pills can’t give you that weight loss in a month, let alone a week. But let’s see if SlendeSlim can live up to its claims.

SlendeSlim ingredients

  • Infinenergy – Metabolism booster, based on caffeine, gives you extra energy.
  • Chromax – Apparently it causes 25% decrease in your food intake, 365 less calories per day and 24% reduction in feeling of hunger.
  • Slendesta – Makes you feel full for longer periods of time, that way you won’t be overeating and snacking all the time.
  • ChromaMate – Another type of chromium that helps with insulin functioning in the body.
  • Selenium Select – Helps people with thyroid functioning.
  • Viscofiber – Controls blood sugar levels and slows down the rate of digestion.
  • Slimaluma – Reduces caloric intake
  • Bioperine – Increases absorption of other ingredients

SlendeSlim side effects

There are some questionable ingredients inside SlendeSlim, for example Viscofiber can cause excess gas and uncontrollable bloating. Also due to the caffeine present, consumers can experience sleeping problems and food digestion issues (throwing up), loss of appetite, diarrhea, high blood pressure, fast heart rate etc.

One thing we worry the most is the presence of Selenium, which in high doses can be toxic. And the typical symptoms of Selenium toxicity are: hair loss, fingernail changes, bad breath, tiredness, thyroid dysfunction, nausea and problems with heart.

Is SlendeSlim recommended?

The manufacturers of SlendeSlim tried to reduce the potential side effects; however there is no doubt that SlendeSlim can cause some pretty bad side effects. Therefore it is difficult to recommend this weight loss pill to you.

What’s the best alternative?

When speaking about fat burners, we want to recommend you Phen375 – fully synthetic fat burner made in an FDA regulated lab. As a matter of fact, this is the only synthetic fat burner that we recommend.

Read more about Phen375 here

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