XLS Medical review

Fat binder reviewed

At the moment (September 2012) XLS Medical seems like the latest buzzword in the weight loss world, at least in the UK.

We wanted to dig deeper and see if this diet pill could actually live up to its claims.

How does XLS Medical work?

This diet pill is believed to be fat binder, working by binding to certain part of fats in your stomach and making them indigestible by your body. Fat molecules are absorbed and fat-fibre complex is formed that is just too large to be absorbed by your body. This way one part of fats from your diet won’t be digested and will have to be eliminated naturally via bowel movements.


XLS Medical contains the ingredient complex called “Litramine”, a clinically proven fat binding compound with the addition of vitamins A, D and E. These vitamins are here in order to compensate for vitamins that are lost because you are reducing the amount of fats that your body can absorb (which limits the absorption of vitamins).

Side effects of XLS Medical

The diet pill seems pretty safe and gentle on the system since it does not interfere with functioning of your nervous system in any way. Fat binders are generally considered to be one of the safest types of diet pills that you can find and XLS Medical surely is no different. Side effects are very unlikely to happen.

Where to buy it?

There is official website of this diet pill and you can buy it there. You can also buy it at several other retail stores, such as Boots, Tesco and the likes. Price for 1-month supply is around £60, which is definitely on the more expensive side.

Verdict – should you buy XLS Medical or not?

When looking at XLS Medical fat binder, we couldn’t help but notice similarity to the already well known fat binder Proactol Plus.

Proactol can bind up to 28% of the fats from your diet using fibre complex called NeOpuntia. And while XLS Medical definitely can work, we would still choose Proactol over XLS Medical and here’s why:

  • Proactol has 3 clinical studies behind it (displayed on the official site)
  • Several doctors and medical workers endorsing it
  • Proactol is cheaper (around £42 for 1-month supply)
  • Long standing diet pill – Proactol has been on the market since 2007
  • Lots of photo and video testimonials – thousands of satisfied users.

Proactol review | Visit Proactol official site

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