Zantrex-3 diet pill review

Zantrex-3 is a diet pill that is advertised as “hardcore” diet pill which gives consumers “rapid weight loss” and “incredible energy”. One thing is for sure: this diet pill has so much caffeine that it is guaranteed to give you that much energy.

You might be familiar with the annoying Zantrex-3 commercial which basically shouts at you all the time. Their commercial is enough to make you laugh at it. But let’s see what this diet pill really has to offer to you.

Zantrex-3 ingredients

  • Caffeine – Stimulant that was proven to help people in losing weight. Keep in mind 2 things: too much caffeine can give you unpleasant side effects and caffeine can also be addictive.
  • Green tea – Helps with weight loss and also speeds up metabolism.
  • Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana through numerous clinical trials were proven to help with suppressing appetite.

As far as other ingredients in Zantrex-3, they don’t contribute too much for weight loss.

It is obvious that Zantrex-3 contains many stimulants in it. It looks like manufacturers don’t worry too much about stimulants and all the side effects that can arise. We also don’t like the fact that manufacturers don’t disclose full ingredients amounts; rather they hide the ingredients inside “proprietary blend” and we don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient we’re getting.

How much does it cost?

Zantrex-3 will cost you $49 a bottle. Too expensive for a diet pill full of stimulants. They don’t offer money back guarantee, so you might want to be careful here as well.

Do we recommend Zantrex-3?

Hard to recommend really. This diet pill will give you nothing but jitters and anxiety. If you want to stay up all night unable to sleep because of the terrible side effects, then you can take this diet pill. Otherwise, look for a product that won’t scream into your face to draw your attention and that won’t be full of stimulants.

What are the alternatives?

Take a look at our top rated diet pills and take it from there.

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